6 Reasons to Check Your Air Filters

A particulate air filter is simply a unit made up of porous, or fibrous materials that removes small particulates like dust, pollen, dust mites, mold, and even bacteria from the air. Many filters contain an ionic adsorbent or catalytic like charcoal to remove volatile organic chemicals or ozone from the air, and some use activated carbon to absorb certain odors. These types of filters are not recommended for smokers, since they can actually increase the risks of smoking by removing the small particles of nicotine from the air. Filters are usually designed for outside use, since internal ones are less effective at removing particulates in the air. They are especially effective in filtering industrial air. There are several types of air filters available, depending on what you need them for.

Vacuum Cleaners: Some people use an air filter to clean their air when they are vacuuming. In general, the cleaner the dirt in the air, the more often you need to change your air filter. Dust, pet hair, dirt, and other fine particles are difficult to get out of your vacuum bag or tank if you don't change it regularly. A dirty air filter will make vacuuming much more difficult, so be sure to keep one around.

Humidifiers: The air filter inside a humidifier is similar to the filter in your vacuum cleaner. The only difference is that it is smaller and sits on the inside of your humidifier instead of in the bag or tank. The water vapor is drawn into the humidifier, where it is reheated and turned back into water before being released outside. Because of this it is easier to keep the humidifier running, and particles won't build up in the air intake vents. It is important to keep the humidifier well maintained, however, since a small build up can cause your unit to malfunction. Go here now and read on some of the reasons why you need through checking on your air filters.

Air Conditioning Heating Equipment: Some air conditioners have been known to develop leaks where the air filter or duct has become clogged. The air filter helps to protect your home from harsh weather conditions by reducing the heat it loses. Since most air conditioners come with at least a one year warranty, furnace filter replacement done periodically is a good idea to ensure your cooling equipment works properly.

Heating Pots: While the thermostat is responsible for regulating your home's temperature, the air filter does much to control it. Dirty air filters prevent the air from circulating, which makes your heating more expensive. A dirty air filter also reduces the life of your heating element. As a result, be sure to check your heating pump often to clean it. If your heating system uses a gas appliance, be sure to replace the air filter regularly as well.

Air Cleaner: Many homeowners overlook their air filter when cleaning their heating and air conditioning equipment. These devices often have bacteria, dust particles and other contaminants that reduce their efficiency. A high-efficiency particulate air cleaner (HEPA) is an inexpensive way to increase the efficiency of your system. HEPA air cleaners often have higher efficiency than other types of air cleaners because they clean larger areas of the air ducts, which means lower air filter replacement costs. Be sure to change your air filter frequently to maintain your high-efficiency particulate air cleaner's efficiency. Check out this blog: to get enlightened more on this topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_filter.

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